Genetic Editing Podcast

Kartik, Kartik; Nebyou, Nebyou; Shiko, Shiko


It's safe to say there has been a huge uproar surrounding the first designer babies. However, the sheer possibility genetic manipulation can exist has opened a door that cannot be closed anymore. If our ethics and morals begin to shift, we could at some point turn to genetic editing to solve our problems. What those problems might be is the real question.

Disability Diagnosis Across Racial and Socioeconomic Boundaries

Mohamed, Zak; Tavarez, Hansali; Beal, Lydia; Franks, Kaitlynn; Felizor , Neuteyshe


Tackling the issue of learning disability diagnosis across racial and socioeconomic boundaries.

Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline

Abakumova, Viktoriya


The sexual abuse to prison pipeline is the criminalization of sexual assault by the juvenile criminal justice system. In this podcast, I breakdown what that means and who is being affected by the pipeline. I also discuss the mental health effects of this pipeline for the young girls who are going through it as well as various general solutions and taking action.

Discrimination in Boston Hospitals

Held, Talya; Vu, Yen


This podcast serves to highlight the injustices in our local Boston hospitals and how we as students can help. We take a look at race and gender discrimination as well as connect our lives outside the classroom to some of the articles and stories we have learned in this course.

Reproductive Justice in Palestine

Barrios, Joely; Gilmore, Katherine; Simonds-Malamud, Ben


Zionist discourse assumes a fear of the indigenous Palestinian population outnumbering the Jewish settler population, and threatening the Jewish nature of the state. The Israeli government sees the reproductive capacity of Palestine's indigenous Arab population as a particularly dangerous threat to its own existence. In order to suppress Palestinian reproduction, the Israeli government creates a hostile environment for families through military occupation, deprivation of resources, and discriminatory policies, making Zionism a serious threat to reproductive justice. Our podcast aims to explore how Israel's Zionist policies colonize the bodies of Palestinians, in addition to their land.

Menstrual Equity Movement in Boston

Lester, Kate; Regan, Kelly


How Boston Institutions Impact the Health of Neighborhoods: Tufts Medical Center and Northeastern University.

Chen, Celene; Demirev, Paulina


This podcast performs case studies on Tufts Medical Center and Northeastern University to analyze how Boston institutions have negatively impacted the health of the neighborhoods. We specifically speak about the fight for Parcel C between the Chinatown Progressive Association and Tufts Medical Center as well as the expansion of Northeastern's off-campus student population and the Mission Hill neighborhood. The focus here is on the health impacts on the community- pollution in regards to Chinatown and increased stress on families in regards to rising rents in Mission Hill.

Black Women Sexuality vs. Japanese Women Sexuality: The Impact of media, culture, society on health.

Ajegwu, Rose; Gandolfo, Sakura


How culture, media, society, and science impacts the health and sexuality of Black women and Japanese women

Let's Talk About Sex

Ryll, Lilly; Rosen, Noa


Menstrual Art

Kinnane-Smith, Elizabeth; Tov, Caitlynn